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MicroPilot biedt UAV ontwikkelaars die hoge standaarden hanteren zowel de hardware als software voor automatische besturing. Voor iedereen die op zoek is naar betrouwbare, schaalbare en aan te passen oplossing, biedt MicroPilot de juiste producten.

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Autopilot series

  • Small size without sacrificing functionality: 28 grams, 4 cm by 10 cm
  • GPS waypoint navigation with altitude and airspeed hold
  • Completely independent operation, including autonomous takeoff, bungee launch, hand launch, and landing
  • Powerful script language command set
  • Open architecture – all state fields fully accessible
  • Fully integrated with 3-axis gyros and accelerometers, GPS, pressure altimeter, pressure airspeed sensors, all on a single circuit board
  • Extensive data logging and telemetry capabilities
  • UAV configuration wizard and installation video simplify installation
  • Includes HORIZONmp ground control software

Grondstation software

  • User-friendly, point-and-click interface
  • Runs on a Windows computer or laptop
  • Video support
  • Multi-UAV support
  • Allows the operator to monitor the autopilot, change waypoints, upload new flight plans, initiate holding patterns, and adjust feedback loop gains
  • Allows both the UAV developer and the end user to access critical information in real time
  • Up to eight user-defined sensors can be configured and displayed in three formats
  • Combination of the mission simulator and user-friendly design will accelerate the learning curve for the UAV developer and simplify rollout to the end user
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XTENDER en andere ontwikkeltools

  • Customize control laws for enhanced control of your airframe
  • Custom software communicates to the MP2028g2 through the HORIZONmp
  • Ability to write custom GCS
  • Includes all development tools
  • Supports Linux & Windows CE
  • Extends the HORIZONmp to accept third party software that can access autopilot data (e.g. vision software)
  • Extends the autopilot to control custom payloads and collect data from custom sensors
  • Autopilot 6DOF simulator allows you to test your code on the bench to dramatically reduce risk and increase productivity
  • Allows for complete access to the autopilot state for enhanced control

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